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Igor the art car

Igor the Art Car is a collaborative art project by Juicy Roots and friends.
We're headin' home to Black Rock City, and there's room for a few more... 🔥 💨


We're creating Igor in a workspace in Ukiah, California - about 365 miles from The Playa.
We got a dope build space, a solid and dependable foundation (Igor is an ex-FedEx truck), the tools and techniques of the trade, healthy snacks, local coffee, and groovy jams to fuel the build sessions.

It's a family-friendly vibe, with foam-stuffed-dragon-slaying kiddos and popcorn-slaying doggos often afoot. Sound fun?
Consider joining the crew. 🛸


We're a bunch of burner friends and family who've been wandering to the Playa since 2013 (or earlier?). Many of us have roots in the Juicy Roots camp. 👽






Support Igor

As a community-driven art project, we're pooling funds from the crew and accepting support from friends, family, and anyone who wants to contribute to the birth of an artwork. All donations of money and supplies will be invested in the art.Here's our current build plan and budget.
To donate money to help us cover costs of supplies, click the button below!*We use Stripe for payment processing (it's safe + secure), all transactions are 💯 transparent to the world (we're honest), and 1% of money we accept is donated to climate projects (we're eco-conscious).

Thank you to our friends who've contributed to Igor's fund!
Make a contribution, and we'll add your name to the list! (if you want)

Generous ContributorAmazing Contribution
Jennifer S$250
Corvette JH$25
Laura GF$150
Tim F$20
Tuck Tuck$200
Anon A$125
Anon X$40
Total Contributions$810
% of Goal Contributed25%

Can't afford to support financially?
Maybe you can help us be thrifty in procuring what we need...
Check out Igor's Shopping List and let us know if you have a lead to a special deal (free, discounted). Used supplies are great, as long as they can be reused safely.

Variations of Igor generated with AI using WOMBO's Dream app.